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  • Internal Audit: Internal Audit is conducted to ensure that governance policies of a business is being followed, internal controls are effective enough to manage risks and after evaluation of all systems recommendations are made to improve effectiveness of all operations. During Internal Audit engagement team of OFC always focus on cost cutting measures and maximizing profit of their clients. For all new and existing business we have expertise to develop strong internal control systems to reduce the financial risk to below materiality level.
  • External Audit: An external audit is an independent examination of the financial statements prepared by the organization. It is usually conducted for statutory requirements of SECP and FBR or for special purposes like bank financing or requirement by stakeholders.


  • Facilitation in Financing: Having strong consortium with banks and other leasing institutes OFC has been facilitating her clients to get financing facilities in difficult economic times.
  • Budgets and Feasibilities and Investment appraisals: Budget is the way of establishing management control of the business and communicate business objectives to the staff and management, where as it plays key role in achieving profits and controlling cost. Team at OFC can develop budgets for a whole financial year and/or for specific financial period according to requirement of our clients. Along with budgets we have been making feasibilities for our clients to help them analysis the suitability of a specific project or in case of investment, an investment appraisal exercise is conducted to help decided for a specific investment.




  • General Sales & Service Tax Returns with FBR and PRA
  • Withholding Tax Returns with FBR
  • Income Tax Returns with FBR
  • Corporate Tax Returns for PVTs with FBR
  • Dealing with Tax Notices issued by FBR and preparing tax audits for clients in such circumstances.
  • Doing Tax Appeals at Appellate Courts against FBR if any unjust tax penalty or penalties has been levied by FBR to our clients.
  • Facilitating in Tax Refunds with FBR and PRA.

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